Company Overview

Company Name: Le Football City (LFC)

Founded: 2023

Facilities: FIFA standard 11-a-side Football Pitch 

Location: 52 bis Bung Ong Thoan, Phuong Phu Huu Thu Duc City, HCM, Vietnam

Operating Hours: Mon -Sun; 0600 -2200 Hrs.

Company Facilities: LFC is a new sporting facility in HCM District 9 that has a FIFA standard football pitch for 11-a-side games. The pitch can also facilitate either 9 x 5-a-side or 3 x 7-a-side football matches, or any other sports that require a large pitch with artificial turf. LFC has an ultra-premium grade artificial turf with 10 spotlight towers for night games. The venue has ample parking spaces, a café and dedicated changing, toilet and shower facilities for both male and female.The facility has 24/7  video surveillance and  security personnel providing a safe enviroment .

Company Vision: The Vision of Le Football City is to be the premier footballing and sporting venue of choice for all levels of footballers and sportspersons in HCM.LFC envisions a safe and conducive space where players of different ages, genders, skill levels, and cultural backgrounds come together, sharing the joy of football, and celebrating the unique strengths each individual brings to the game.

Target Markets: The target market encompasses a wide range of individuals, groups, and organizations with a shared interest in playing football and other sports that require a large playing field. 

Amateur Team and Leagues: Local amateur football teams and leagues looking for a reliable and well-maintained pitch for regular training sessions and matches.

Youth Development Programs: Football academies and youth development programs seeking a safe and suitable space for coaching sessions, skill development, and training for aspiring young players.

Corporate Teams and Events: Companies organizing corporate football tournaments, team-building activities, or recreational events for their employees.

Schools and Educational Institutions: Physical education departments and school football teams in need of a reliable venue for school competitions, practices, and events.

Community Groups and Organizations: Local community groups, non-profits, or organizations organizing football events, tournaments, or leagues to engage and connect community members.

Event Planners: Event planning companies or individuals looking for a suitable outdoor venue for organizing football-related events, tournaments, or sports festivals.

Coaching Clinics: Football coaches or trainers conducting coaching clinics, workshops, or specialized training sessions for players of various skill levels.

Sports Enthusiasts and Social Groups: Groups of friends, social clubs, or sports enthusiasts interested in renting a football pitch for recreational play, socializing, and enjoying the camaraderie of the game.

Charitable and Non-profit Groups: Organizations focused on using sports, particularly football, to support community development, social integration, or charitable causes.

Company Social Media Profiles

Facebook: Le Football City

Instagram: Lefootballcity_

TikTok: lefootballcityhcm

Company Contact Information 

Mobile: +84 975249138

Address: 52 bis Bung Ong Thoan, Phuong Phu Huu Thu Duc City, HCM, Vietnam



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